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May 2, 2011

King Peak has started his 7-year old season in a splendid way! He started in his first International competition, a CEI*80 race with 33 starters. He was leading the race even with a stirrup strap broken (!) King Peak was in the lead till the last meters where he was beaten with half a length in the finish speed.

The everage time was 19.1, the same time as the winner.

King Peak had no problems with the pulse rate (as had the winner) and he was the one chosen to Best Condition.

Bayron is sold to the very North of Sweden. His new owner is a veterinarian specialised on horses. She is one of the persons who started a club for Endurance Riders in the North of Sweden. Bayron has done one CR last year so he has found a suitable new home!


August 18, 2010

King Peak has taken his first victory in an official jumping competition , 90 cm.

Picture is on the Blogg.


July 12, 2010

King Peak did a really strong competition achievement on Saturday 10 July. He started in the Swedish Endurance Teamīs Championship and  was individually placed 4 out of 32 competitors! The Team received Silver.  As a  6-year old he did his first 100 km race. The average speed was 18.2 km/H and he had the shortest recovering time of all the horses in the race.  I will put in some pictures on my blogg as well as in my Facebook Album! This will be an Endurance horse to follow in the future,  provided that everything is following  the scedule and he remains fresh and fit and is merced from accidents.

Blood will tell - thatīs for sure!

Bayron did a splendid Clear Round so he can now continue to 50 km competitions!

Thatīs 2 of 4 progeny clear for Endurance competitions, which is 50%.


June 5 , 2010

Today Parnassos son King Peak has been out on his third race for the year and it was the second 80 kilometers. He is now qualified for free speed and for 120 km races. Annelie had two horses in the same race, the 7 year old Expenza and King Peak. They were both beginners so they had to keep down the speed below 16 km/H.

King Peak was ridden by the newly decorated Swedish Young Rider Champion Fannie Eriksson, 15 year old and Annelie was riding Expenza.

The other 6 year old Parnassosī son Bayron  will go his first Clear Round next weekend.


May 15, 2010

I have just heard the news that Annelie Eriksson and Zsulemi  won the 120 km CEI 2*, International race and that Marie Eriksson (not related ) from the same Riding Club was placed second on her arabian horse Tiili.

Marieīs 15 year young daughter Fannie was the winner of the Swedish Young Rider Championship over 120 km on her arabian gelding El Charimo.


April 27, 2010

Now Parnassos son King Peak has been out on his first 80km competition. As a 6 year old and beginner, he has to take his time and qualify for international competitions. Today his speed limit for 80 km is 16.0 km/H and he did 15.6 km/H  when competing April 24. He did well and behaved like an old horse. This looks very promising for his coming carrier.


April 14, 2010

We have now entered a New Year with new options and presumptions. In all, last yearīs summary can be remembered  for the very good season of Annelie Eriksson. She completed all her races both Clear Rounds and competitions. Not excluded in any race at all during the 2009 season! Must be unique!

She started this season with a 50 km competition on King Peak and they fullfilled the race in a great way. Next competition was Vedema where she had 2 starting horses, riding Zsulemi herself to win, and Dahle ridden by her boyfriend Christoffer to a 4th place.

In Lydie Lemmens French Endurance site one can read that the Pepi son Al Abjer BR was placed 6th of 110 starters and 71 approved contenders at the Tartas CEI** 120 km on April 4th 2010. Average rate 21.412 km/H



September 30, 2009

All four riders in the Swedish Endurance Team were eliminated in the European Championship in Assisi, Italy. Of 101 contenders, just 31 completed the race and as many as 70 were eleminated.

The winner Maria Alvarez Ponton rode a horse of Russian lines. Notable : The dam line is the Polish Gazella line. Gazella II was taken together with her daughter Taraszcza to Russia. Taraszcza left the full sibblings Negatiw and Nitochka with Naseem.

When looking into his pedigree, he is mostly Old Polish with small exeptional shares of Taktika, Aswan and Naseem.

The second placed horse Castlebar Sobia is Australian bred. Different families: US domestic (EG/CRABBET)and some Polish through Sariah/Nasmeshnik(Arax-Neposeda) and Suda/ Kossak/Karramba.

Third placed horse Rukban Dikruhu MMN is EG/ESP/POL, dam line Mlecha  through Bitwa(PL).

An interesting observation is that the French horses are not as prominent as I thought before looking into the pedigrees of the competitors. I recommend everyone to look into French database where you can find information about horses (pedigree, progeny, race results) riders (rides 100+ kilometers, mounts, results) competitions (where, when and results). This is an outstanding database and if all organizers distributed their results, this could be even better.


September 20, 2009

Today The Fornaboda Race was held. Annelie Eriksson started with Zsulemi on the 120 km race and won. Zsulemi was rewarded with the Best Condition titel. The day before Annelie was riding her debuting mare Expenza on her first 50 km race. That means that Annelie did 170 km on two days! That is an amazing result for her as a Young Rider even though she is doing her last year as Young Rider and is Senior next year!!

September 10, 2009

The Swedish Team was very successful in the World Championship Young Riders, in Babolna. Annelie Eriksson was placed 7th and Ebba Boberg 15th place. Annelie was fighting well and was 3rd for a while on the last loop. Dahle didnīt find it inspiring to go without company so he lost tempo and they lost their position, unfortunately! This is the best international result in Endurance Riding of a Swedish rider, all categories!

When looking into the pedigrees of the horses participating in the World Championship Young Riders, in Babolna, One can find the following:

1.     Sargei  1/2 Russian    
2.     Castlebar Sobia Parents not known in the French endurance pedigree database
3.     Jasmina des Ayssade by Akim (3/4 Polish) out of Marie Juana/-Marie Claire SWE
4.     Lamiah el Oued Diarex(Exelsjor-Diaspora) and Dakari(Dardir-Mimikra) behind
5.     Favela Diarex and Elaborat behind
6.     Metaxa Obajan Aladdin Shagya arab    
7.     Dahle All Swedish (xWän Alicia/xRosetta/xAlladina) (Wan Alicia international)
8.     Sadek P Shagya arab    
9.     Lambda Villeneuve by Akim (3/4 Polish) out of Marie Juana/-Marie Claire SWE
10.   Ceystal Cathare -    
11.   Menacer -    
12.   Ibn Ararat by Ararat SE(SWE-DAN) and ESP mare
13.   HS Ametista POL with some RUS    
14.   Rabita -    
15.   Patos All Swedish ( xPanela/xAlladina) Panela and Rosetta - Full sisters
September 3, 2009

Today Al Raai took his 3rd victory at Täby Race Court! Blood will tell! Penelope left 2 colts and they are both racewinners. That is 100% in performance statistics of her tested progeny. Her other foals were daughters and none of them has been tested.  Panoria could have been suitable for racing but she was too beautiful.

The Swedish Young Rider Team is now in Babolna, Hungary. They left Sweden on Saturday and arrived on Monday in Babolna. On Saturday the 120 km Young Rider World Championship will take place! We have just to keep our fingers crossed and send our positive thoughts!


August 16, 2009

Annelie Eriksson won the titel Swedish Young Rider Champion yesterday on her horse Dahle. They had an everage speed of 18 km/h and was superior.


August 04, 2009

King Peak has now been out on his third Clear Round. He had a starting pulse of 36 and his pulse in the last vet. gate was 56. That is very good for an unexperienced young horse. He is just 5 years old and have no life-experience yet. He seems to be very cool. A year ago it had been difficult to predict such a development within this time limit.


July 20, 2009

Penelopeīs second and last born son Al Raai placed 2nd in a Group 1 Race over 1200 (6 fl)  2 lengths after Dariya at Newbury 2009.07.19.   Winning time 1.23.49. He has been placed and earned money in every start. Itīs a pity I didnīt have the possibility and the economy to take more foals out of her. Unfortunately she died when Giving birth to Al Raai.


July 12, 2009

Annelie and King Peak did it again. They have now two approved Clear Round Races. He had the best time of the Clear Round horses and a puls rate of 52. They donīt compete in the Clear Round Classes, but he has good movments and good pace and he covers a lot of land in each step. That gives results in the long run.  He is just allowed to do Clear Rounds this year when he is just 5 year old.  So far, he seems to be a promising young horse for this discipline.



July 5, 2009

I just heard that Annelie Eriksson plan to start King Peak on his second Clear Round on July 11th, in the Midnight Endurance race at Sveg. That is a good idéa and a good beginning for a 5 year old with a certain gift for this sport! He has inherited the movements from his father Parnassos and probably even his enormous heart-lung capacity.