The Endurance Family


next generation King Peak (Parnassos-Karanta)



Penelope`s family (Pepi-Pruszja) has been very successful on the world-wide endurance competition scene.

Pepi has been rewarded **** in the French stallion ranking as he has left many World Class horses born in Brazil. Pepi has 26 sons and daughters listed on the French site.

 Many of his grandchildren have been very successful as well.

The dam line of Gazella O.A. starting from the Blommeröd imported mare Rusznica has left several good endurance horse listed on the French Endurance site by Lydie Lemmens, Al Hfifa Arabians.

Rusznica has 7 daughters and 1 son listed.

1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation 4th generation 5th generation
Rezeda PL (Czort) Rezus PL (Celebes) Molly´s Valiant Heart US**    
    Resza CA Protocall CA* JV Moriya CA
        WM Showstopper**
Rucasja (Exelsjor) Pohcasja (Pohaniec) Poeta Piasek*  
    Pohlaxia Pakt  
    Pokart SE 12 progeny  
    Polonia Fatas Morgoria**  
      Poduszka*** 2 progeny
      Polerat 2 progeny
  Pruszja (Probat) Proszek SE(Algomej PL) Fay el Rat DE****  
    Penelope (Pepi) Parnassos (Orkan SE) King Peak SE
  Rousseau (Engano) Fajka** Falstaf  
  Rumak (Partner) Faridah GB Fursa**  
    Fintaska GB Pierray GB  
    Sarazenaa GB Nadezdha GB **  
  Rusazcie (Algier) Carolina SE
Chock SE*
Rusnega (Negatiw) 2 progeny      
Ruszaba de Raynes FR (Arbor PL) 2 progeny      
Ruszfora de Raynes FR (Forex SE) 4 prog      
Ruszt PL (Czort PL) 10 progeny      
Ruta PL (Czort PL) Rucella 1 progeny    
Rutyna PL (Negatiw) Ruxia 3 progeny    

Exelsjor has 19 listed progeny, Pohaniec: 19 progeny, Probat: 51 progeny

Forta : 12 progeny, Czort: 24 progeny,

Pruszja is the mother of Proszek SE, sold to Germany where he raced with good results before he was used in their breeding and has left very capable endurance-horses, among others the daughter Fay-El-Rat.

She has been competing in the highest classes and received **** in the French ranking system.