born 1999 by Etman PL - Penelope

Panoria was a breathtaking creature when she arrived. Nothing could  describe her better than the Greek word panoria which, translated to English means Exquisitely Beautiful!

In the book Register of Polish Purebred Arabian Stallions used for breeding in Poland between 1944-1993 in the chapter of Gil is to read the following:

"All his get was good at turf. Maybe too early sold was Etman 1986, a handsome and brave colt, son of the excellent Etruria 1975. Currantly Etman is a highly esteemed, leading sire in Sweden and a Reserve Champion of the Scandinavian Open Show at Blommerod. If it depended on me, i´d never sell a son of Etruria without mating him with at least several mares. I understand, that one must sell to live, but it should be guaranteed to breed some mares to him before his departure. Every buyer would agree for such a condition, because it would automatically race a value of the stallion, if he was used first in Polish breeding.

Panoria has inherited her beauty from her maternal granddam Pruszja and her paternal granddam Etruria.


Panoria represent a real Show Champion Family.

Exelsjor, Swedish Champion Stallion 1966, later sold to the U.S.

Pohaniec, Swedish Champion Stallion 1972, later sold to the U.S.

Borexia, Swedish Champion Mare and BIS 1974, dam of Probat.

Penelope, shown once, 84.17 points 2nd in her class.

Pepi, Champion Stallion, Denmark.

Pruszja, Swedish National Champion Filly 1983 and Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Champion Mare 1985 (Triple Champion  Mare the same year).

Etman, Swedish National Champion Stallion.

Etruria World Champion Mare.

Rusazcie, Swedish J:r and S:r Champion Stallion.

Rumak, World Champion and World Res. Champion.

Regina, 3 x Swedish Champion Mare.

Prusznega, Swedish National Champion Filly 1982.


Panoria herself, shown just once, was 2nd in her class at Swedish Nationals 2003, with 89 points.

Panoria have had two foals.

Porsh at Blommeröd International Show 2011

Porsh at Turbo Star International 2011

Blommeröd Arabianhorse Show 2011(video)






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