The Racing Family of Gazella O.A.

through Rusznica,

and down to the racehorses of today.


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The sire line Krzyzyk O.A.

Rusznica PL was by Trypolis  (Enwer Bey - Kahira) and out of Rozeta 1935 (Almanzor - Kamea).

Behind Rusznica is the stallion Mlech I, 1897 appearing 3 times. He is the father of Abu Mlech (Winniciusz) 1902 and Farys II 1905.

Abu Mlech sired Enwer Bey (Koalicja)1923, the father of Trypolis (Kahira) 1937.

Farys II  sired Kahira 1929 (Zulejma), Kamea 1929 (Elegantka)  and Kaszmir 1929 (Hebda).


The old French racing lines

Parnassosī pedigree concists of many old French horses.

In fact, the same horses that the modern French Arabian racingstock is build-up on.


In Parnassosīpedigree, from Rusznica and forward all additional horses are performance horses in every generation. They have a performance record of their own or they have left very good performance progeny.