1965  the initial heard of  Arabian Horses were bought  by Erik Philip-Sörensen the founder of Blommeröd Arabian Horse Stud. The heard consisted of the mares:

Alfa (Wielki Szlem x Alhambra), Aleksota (Negatiw x Alfa), Bogoria (Laur x Bulgotka), Cela (Pietuszok x Celia), Edessa (Pietuszok x Forsycja), Lalage GB (Gerwazy x Lafirynda), Mimikra (Comet x Mimika), Mimoza (Negatiw x Mimonka), Rusznica (Trypolis x Rozeta), Rutyna (Negatiw x Rusznica). Tryfolia (Negatiw x Tryncza), Wielka Kometa (Comet x Wielka Zorza), Workuta (Aquinor x Worskla),

and the stallions: Dardir (Nabor x Darda) och Edus (Czort x Edessa)



Trypolis x Rozeta

Chestnut mare born 10-1-1955 at PSK Nowy Dwor

Sireline: Krzyzyk 1876    Damline: Gazella 1845

The following is to be read in the first Blommeröd book by Susanne Fredriksen:

Rusznica was bred and born at Nowy Dwor in Poland. She was in Warzaw at the racetrack for 1 year where she started 8 times, winning 3 times and placing second 3 times. She had one filly by Czort at Nowy Dwor. She then moved to Janow Podlaski where she had 5 foals. In 1965, she was exported to Blommeröd. She had the filly Rutyna by her side and was in foal to Negatiw. She has had a total of 10 foals at Blommeröd. In 1976 she was exported to France in foal to Madar. At that time she was 21 years old, and has been in foal every year since then. Her high fertility rate exhibits her extreme abilities in producing so many fine foals. She is in a class all of her own.

The following is to be read in A Photografic History Of  The Polish Arabian:

Damline Gazella O.A.

Gazella II produced Elegantka (dam of Wielki Szlem, Opal, Lowelas, Kamea) Fryga II (dam of Ofirka, Maskota) Makata (dam of Witraz) Taraszcza (dam of Negatiw) Jaskolka II (dam of Wilga, Przepiorka, Rybita) and Hardy.


Kamea founded a strong family, all through one daughter, Rozeta 1935. Mares of this family branch include Cerozja, Certa, Rusznica, Wierna, Rezeda etc. Elegantka was among the group captured by the Russian Army in 1939 and taken to that country.

Many representatives of this damline were taken to USSR 1939.   Gazella II, Kamea, Hardy, Taraszcza, Fryga II, Elegantka, Makata a.o.


Rusznica´s offspring (see The Racing Family of Gazella O.A.)

1960 bay filly

Rusalka PL by Czort exp USA
1961 bay filly Rezeda by Czort  
1962 chestn colt Ruszt by Czort exp USA
1963 bay filly Ruta by Czort  
1964 grey filly Rus by Negatiw  
1965 grey filly Rutyna by Negatiw exp USA
1966 grey filly Rusnega by Negatiw exp USA
1967 chestn colt Rudar by Dardir exp Denmark
1968 chestn colt Rusti by Dardir exp England
1969 grey filly Rucasja by Exelsjor  
1970 chestn colt Ali-Pru by Abi Ali  
1971 grey colt Pondus by Pohaniec  
1972 chestn colt Ruszponiec by Pohaniec exp USA
1973 bay colt Alrusz by Alrex  
1974 chestn colt Arrow by Algier  
1975 bay colt Bruce by Bibars exp Norway
1975 bred to Madar    

Rusznica was exported to France where she has left daughters used in endurance breeding



Laur x Bulgotka

Grey mare born 16-1-56 at PSK Albigowa

Sireline: Kuhailan Adjuze 1885      Damline: Scherife 1902

Bogoria was bred and born at Albigowa, Poland. In 1965, Bogoria was exported from Janow Podlaski to Blommeröd. She had been at the racetrack in Warzaw for 3 years where she started 21 times.She was quite successful at racing, due to her sireline. In 1963 she was bred at Janow to Aquinor and in 1964 she had the colt Bogor. In 1965 she was bred to Negatiw before she was exported to Sweden. In 1966, Bogoria wasshown in Sweden at halter and won a gold medal. She lived to be 22 years old. Her influence in the breeding program of Blommeröd has been of great value. She is the dam of the exquisite mare Borexia and the granddam to the stallion Probat.


Borexia (Exelsjor-Bogoria)

Dark bay mare Born 20-4-1968 at Blommeröd Arabstuteri

Dam of a.o. Darboska 1973 (Dardir), Borexpo 1974 (Pohaniec), Probat 1975 (Pohaniec), El Borr (Espartero)