Progeny Pedigree Blommeröd Photogallery


In Memoriam


1986 – 2004


Penelope was a well preserved representative both in shape and type of her desert root, Gazella O.A.

She was an extraordinary individual, knowing her own value, kind with a great integrity. Memory like a horse..........


Our first meeting was in a horsedealer´s stable nearby, where she stood waiting for transportation up north in Sweden to become a ridingschool horse. Our luck was, that she had wounded front legs from an accident with a halter chainand the travel was posponed. I , myself walked around with crutches after a car accident in the U.S.A. It seemed as the fate had brought us together.

A coincident that proved to be of great importance.


Penelope was on summer pasturage 1994 with some other arabian mares. We were watching them running and playing. Suddenly they started to race. We had never seen a horse move with such a speed without the slightest effort. She just left the others behind,  hardly tuoching the ground turning her head around, wondering where they disappeared.

In that moment, my idéa of breeding a racehorse was born!

When I visited the Polish Prestige the same fall I was very determined to take a closer look into the Poles work combining the different families, based on my own horse pedigree. The Swedish bred Probat had made amazing  results in the Polish breeding program and I was very impressed by his progeny and especially the ones with double Probat. Penelope had Probat as maternal grandfather and when I saw Fawor shown in the Stallion Parade and his daughters in the Showring, my decision was easy.

By that time semen was uncommen. I had to start looking for possibilities in Sweden. I found that there were two Fawor sons available and my choice fell on Orkan as his pedigree shown a very heavy racing capability on both his parents.

The summer 1995 I sent Penelope down  to Lönhult Arabian Stud and had her bred to Orkan. She stayed a couple of months and Charlotte Nordén trained and showed her on the Blommeröd  International Show. She did well on her first and only Show.........

May 10th 1996 the planned racefoal was born. He was named Parnassos. He fulfilled all my expectations and because of that he has his own page on this site.

To have been blessed with such a wonderful mare in all respects, I felt I had to take at least one more foal and my theory of line breeding on probat had been very successful. I had try it again. My thoughts were occupied with the phenomenon Etat by Pepi and Etazerka. What about producing an Etat the way around? I had a Pepi daughter and which stallion could I find that was close to Etazerka? I decided to try Etruria´s son Etman by Gil as he seemed to fit my purpuse.

In 1999 a breathtaking little filly was born and she was named Panoria. Panoria is Greek and it is the feminin form  of panorios, which means Exquisitely Beautiful.

Penelope died 1994 after she gave birth to Al Raai.

Penelope is dam of Parnassos by Orkan (5 valid track records), Panoria by Etman (89 points in her first and only show) and Al Raai by Riyal (2nd in a 1200 m Gr 1 Race at Newbury GB, July 2009).