Pepi PL ****


Pepi was used in Polish breeding where he sired the well known Etat (Etazerka). During his 3 years in Sweden,  he left some good mares at  Blommeröd. Han returned to Poland and was then exported to Magness Arabians in USA. At the age of 21 he was sold to Brazil, where he still  lives 33 years young.

In Brazil he did his last breedingseason  when he was 25 years old, then retired. He has produced many Endurance-horses. Many of them competing in the Brazilian National team or in other internation competitions . Through his progeny´s good results, Pepi is rewarded with **** in the French Internationel site elaborated by Lydie Lemmens, containing horse, rider and competition data base as well as an International ranking system. (Link on the Link page.)


Pepi is a powerful, goodmoving stallion and probably the tallest son of Celebes. His sire Celebes, didn´t meet the requirements of stallion depots because his size and was sold to a circus in 1952. He performed over there to 1965, when he was brought to Michailow and put to stud. Thirteen years of  circus performance didn´t damage the iron health of that little athlete.


Also Pepi´s dam line was taken to  Russia 1939. Wlodarka was one among the heard..

Her daughter Piewica (Priboj) was imported to Polen 1956 and the dam line could be reestablished. Many worldfamous horses have seen the light of the day through that. Piewica´s daughter Penza (Faher) is dam of Penitent (Partner) and Pepi´s mother Pemba (Czort).

Many members of this family has been very talanted, good racehorses and been used in the  Endurance breeding  around the world.


Pepi´s get  listed in the Frensh Endurance data base:

Nom *DRE* IRE Ind/CD S Type Robe Année
 akaba (br)  ***  /  f Arabe Bai 1996
 Akhdar (br)  **  /  f Arabe bai brun foncé 1999
 al abjar (br)  ***  /  h Arabe Bai 1998
 Anata (br)  **  /  f Arabe Bai 1998
 aram *    /  m Arabe Bai 1989
 Ashkabad (br)  **  /  f Arabe Alezan 1999
 Atlun (br)  **  /  f Arabe Gris 1999
 bds cedron  **  /  h Arabe grise 1983
 cela (pl)     /  f Arabe Bai 1984
 debonnaire  *  /  h Arabe grise 1994
 elam [Mokate] (pl)  **  /  m Arabe Bai 1990
 etat (pl) ****    /  m Arabe grise 1981
 Eurytmia (pl)     /  f Arabe Bai 1981
 fobia (pepi) **    /  f Arabe grise 1987
 Glowica (pl)     /  f Arabe Bai 1983
 lancelot ma  **  /  h Arabe Bai 1992
 maligna (pl)     /  f Arabe Bai 1984
 Penelope (se)     /  f Arabe Gris 1986
 wersal  **  /  m Arabe Bai 1983
 wn pepsi  ***  /  m Arabe Alezan 1996
 wn perla  ***  /  f Arabe Alezan 1996
 WN Peronek (br)  **  /  m Arabe Bai 1998
 Wn Plabo (br)  *  /  m Arabe Alezan 1996
 wn plaska  *  /  f Arabe Bai 1997
 wn plysa  **  /  f Arabe Bai 1998
 WN Polyana (br)  *  /  f Arabe Bai 1997
 Wn Pompeya (br)  *  /  f Arabe Bai 1997
 wn pyna  **  /  f Arabe Bai 1997