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Fa 143/96 grey stallion born 1996-10-05

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Parnassos is a validated breedingstallion  Class I, 38 points.

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Parnassos is a highly qualified  racing stallion. He holds 5 valid trackrecords  (July 2009) and has started 3  times in Endurance, 2 x 50 km and 1 x 80 km (all approved).

Parnassos is one of the all time best arabian racehorses bred in Sverige. He has proven his winning attitude, strength and intelligence  in all situations. Unfortunately he accidentionally broke the bridge of his nose before a race at Gothenburg racecourse 13 July 2002. That caused him frequent problems, resulting in not being able to train regularly.

Despite of that, he sat track records over 1200 m (6 fl)and 1400 m (7 fl).

 Parnassos is the result of a very carefully planned breeding:

Parnassos pedigree only contains horses who guarentee performance. In the second generation the four dams Forta, Orla, Piewica and Rusznica are famous for their performance progeny. No horse in Parnassos pedigree is an inferior  or unwanted individual. This combination makes Parnassos unique, possibly one of the best performance-bred horses in the world with no low performing horses in his pedigree.

Both Orla and Rusznica come from the Gazella O.A. dam line. That makes him Pure in Strain.

Gazella II is dam of Hardy, 1926 (by Ganges I),a highly valued racing and breeding stallion.  He was unbeaten in his 5 races, including Derby and three other stakes. Hardy´s time in the Derby (then 1˝ mile) was 2.50 and was the record for several years. Sire of SAGA, OBRA, IMATRA, NORMA, SOKORA, OMAR II etc. Gazella II also gave birth to three exquisite daughters, Elegantka(Bakszysz), Fryga II (Bakszysz) and Jaskolka II (Koheilan I).

Gazella II´s daughter Elegantka produced besides Kamea (dam of Rozeta) the stallions Lowelas (Koheilan I), Opal (Koheilan I) and Wielki Szlem (Ofir).

Kamea, Elegantka and Gazella II were all taken to USSR 1939. Left in Polen were the daughters Cerozja (Wielki Szlem) and Rusznica (Trypolis). Cerozja´s daughter Cyneraria (Sedziwoj) came to Germany where she gave birth to Cid Ben Afas (Abu Afas). 

Rusznica was sold to Blommeröd with Rutyna (Negatiw) by her side.  She was again in foal to Negatiw and foaled Rusnega in Sweden. Rusnega was later on sold to USA and is grandmother to the extraordinary racehorse BIG EASY, Burning Sand - Refleksja/Gwydion, trackrecord holder in USA and UAE. (See link to his races abowe.)

Gazella II´s daughter Fryga II is the dam of Ofirka (Ofir) which in her turn left Gastronomia  (Marabut) dam of Gomora . Gomora established a family of her own, among others, Gondolier, Goplana, Gogo, Gambia, Gabaryt, Grojec, Grabiec, Gilza, Gorset, Gil, Gizela, Gaskonia, Grenada, Gracja-Bis, Girlan-Bey och Gedymin.

Ofirka was also dam of Orla (Pietuszok), who left the full sisters Orgia and Orlica by Krezus.  Orlica, dam of Orchis (Banat),  ORKAN´s mother.

Grandfather Pepi is a product of the dam line Szamrajowka. Kewa and her daughter Wlodarka(Ofir) were taken to USSR 1939. Wlodarka´s daughter Piewica (Priboj) returned to Poland and the mare line could be reestablished.  Piewica left fantastic daughters, such as Penza (Faher), Piesn (Sedziwoj), Pierzga (Negatiw), Pentoda (Bandos) and Pika (Bandos).

Penza, dam of a.o. Pemba(Czort) and Penitent (Partner). Pemba is the dam of PEPI (Celebes) and the stallions Pembrus (Elbrus) 1/3(3-0-0)1 race record in Poland before exported to USA (where he didn´t like racing after moved) and Pepton (Bandos) with god racing results.

The third dam line is Ukrainka. Forta is known mainly for having 20 foals. 19 of them were raced and all of them won races. The most wellknown among them is  Czort (Wielki Szlem). He exists twice in PARNASSOS pedigree and Fatma once through FAWOR (Probat).

Parnassos has 7 lines to Kuhailan Zaid D.B.

Parnassos is line bred on Probat.


Parnassos has started in, and accomplished 3 Endurance races. 2 x 50 km and 1 x 80 km.

Parnassos´son King Peak has just started his 5 year´  season with a Clear Round (10.7 km/h)

In the French  Endurance star-ranking system, the following is to read: Probat***, Pepi****, (Pruzja/Proszek)Fay el Rat****.

Probat is Internationally acknowledged for his ability to produce Show horses as well as racinghorses.  Pepi has sired many excellent Endurance horses in Brasil where his son Etat also has been used in their breeding program.

Pruszja´s son Proszek has in Germany sired several endurancehorses, among others Fay el Rat. Her dam comes from the Forta-line through Fatma – Fatra –Frezja.

Galop, Race  Records

Parnassos has proven himself to have both speed and stamina.. He holds 5 valid trackrecords (July 2009).

His mother line was the less documented, but after researching it can be said to be of most interesting racing line, in fact, very close related to Kaszmir PL as Farys II was the sire of Kamea and Kahira, (Trypolis´ dam) as well.

Gazella II´s daughter Elegantka was the mother of Kamea, Lowelas och Wielki Szlem. The last known for leaving very good racehorses.

Kamea left the daughters Rozeta  och Cerozja in Poland but was herself taken to USSR. Rozeta´s son Alabaster by Bad Afas vas one of the best race horses of his time. He had the Derby record from 1952 till the end  90s.

Rozeta´s daughter Rusznica was re-bred to Negatiw  , when imported by Blommeröd together with her  Negatiw-daughter Rutyna,  .

Rusznica was dam of Ruszt (Czort) race winner in Poland and later exporterted to USA. In Sweden Rusnega (Negatiw) was born. She was exported to USA. She had a Gwydion daughter, Refleksja, which will be remembered as the dam of BIG EASY by Burning Sand. He is trackrecord holder both in USA and UAE where he now has his home.

Rusznica created a very strong family in Sweden. Many representatives from her family were exported and has abroad been used in breeding. Rusznica was exported to France, 21 years old. Rucasja was an extraordinary mare. She produced many breeding stallions. She also left som good daughters as Pohcasja (Dardir) dam of endurancehorses in France, and the full sisters Pruszja and Regina by Probat. They remained at Blommeröd..

Pruszja,  Champion Mare in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, just left colts, except for Penelope (Pepi) before she died, too early at the age of 10. Her son Proszek (Algomej) was sold to Germany where he did some races. He is sire of Fay el Rat, 4-star former endurancehorse in the National Team, but now breeding mare.  Proszek is also maternal grandfather to Amor Amor, Nougatin x Aurore/Proszek.

Penelope is dam of Parnassos by Orkan (5 valid track records), Panoria by Etman (89 points in her first and only show) and Al Raai by Riyal (2nd in a 1200 m Gr 1 Race at Newbury GB, July 2009).