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The Veloce has that?tight fit of a lightweight synthetic that is supposed to wrap around your foot to give you a barefoot feel. ?Even with the dimpling and extra lining, the ball is still naturally close to the foot. ?The golf ball upper gives a slightly tackier feeling and the ball slides a lot less on your foot compared to a smooth upper. ?It really helps control the ball at faster speeds and when shooting the ball, the dimples really give that extra control needed for bending the ball. ?Other than that the performance is quite predictable because it is similar to all other tight fitting synthetics. ?Passing with the instep of the foot feels different from leather because the synthetic angles inward along with the foot. ?Once you get used to the different feel it really doesn't affect performance.

One of the differences between the Vapor and Veloce uppers was the ACC technology. ?But if you really think about it, turf drains easily so there there is a lot less standing water on the field, decreasing the need for ACC technology. ?These have held up very solidly over the time I tested them and don't show any signs of hard wear. ?I would expect them to last a few seasons with mild use.

They weigh in at 8.6 ounces for a Size 9 (US mens). ?That is a few ounces away from the 6.6 ounces Vapor but you get a slightly more solid feel without sacrificing too much performance.

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